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America Spends More on Health Care Than Anyone (Part 3)

So, what is the solution?

There will never be anything close to a simple, clear-cut solution to an issue as complex as affordable healthcare.  There are simply too many adverse forces being applied to our health care system for one solution to solve.  The solution lies in applying several, proven, cost reducing strategies at once.  The idea being that if we apply enough sustained pressure, utilizing new cost reducing strategies, we can slow the spiraling trajectory – and eventually stop and reverse it.

A few price reducing strategies.

When it comes to health care in America, all too often, profit centers around volume.  There is a financial incentive associated with having more patients, or performing more procedures.  We need profit, but there may be a better way to get there.  There are new healthcare industry practice models, that instead of volume, place more financial impetus on keeping patients healthy.  On a small scale, this type approach as been shown to be an effective buttress to runaway healthcare costs.

However, before we can utilize this concept on a large scale, all aspects of the potential impact to the healthcare industry and its patients, must be exhaustively considered.  In addition, profitability must be carefully woven into the equation.  The quality of health care in America will undoubtably fall off it there is no financial incentive to drive it.

Better use of current and new technology.

Improvements in medical technology can help stem the tide.  For example, laparoscopic surgery, using miniature digital video cameras and electronic tools, make it possible to perform major procedures with surprisingly small incisions.  The result is quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays when compared with traditional surgery.

Another concept that is rapidly advancing in the health insurance industry is Telemedicine.  Telemedicine services allow patients to talk to their doctors by phone or video, saving time for both physician and patient.  Biosensors make it possible for doctors to monitor patients who are at home, reading their blood pressure, glucose level and electrocardiogram in real time, and initiating treatment before a condition becomes serious.

A myriad of cost saving concepts are out there, and more are on the immediate horizon.  With coordinated leadership and a commitment to "keep our eyes on the ball", America can solve its healthcare financial crisis.

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